Hooked on Crime

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We are here in front of a new adventure, a new criminal case that waits to be solved. This time it is about drugs or more precisely, dealing with drugs. Namely, there is an organized group of drug dealers that operates in the city. They have managed to smuggle a serious amount of drugs lately and the police found out that, so now they are on their way to catch the criminals.The three detectives Maria, Adam and Olivia have been set to work on this case. Thay already found a protected witness, a former drug dealer who was forced to sell drugs in the past. The protected witness is giving information to the detectives and with those information they will be able to get into trace of the main drug dealers in the city. In exchange, the police is giving guarantee to the witness that he will be protected from possible revenge taken by criminals.Let\'s explore this case in details, working together with the professionals. We will be a part of a real investigation, so it is very important to notice everything that seems to be suspicious.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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