Fantasy Findings

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Patrick is a dwarf and he lives in a beautiful little village. That village is full of magic and many wonderful things, but even such a village can be a victim of the weather, can\'t it? Patrick\'s village was hit by a terrible storm in which he lost his valuables. Patrick will do anything to find his magical items, but it seems he won\'t be able to do it alone, so he enlists the help of his friend, the fairy Megan. Now Patrick and Megan are on a mission to find Patrick\'s belongings. Together they will search the entire village, hoping to find everything that is lost. Their mission is not easy at all because the storm was really big and did a lot of damage to the village. They will have to search every corner to find the lost items. Let\'s see how much damage the storm has done and try to help Patrick the dwarf and Megan the fairy find the lost magical objects as soon as possible. Our help will be welcome in any case. Let\'s not waste time.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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