Goddess Inheritance

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The hope is something that leads us through our lives. Even when we feel blue, thoughts about hope make us feel good, make us feel that things can chance, for good. But have you ever heard about the Goddess of hope?! Yes, there is such a thing, and her name is Elpis – the real goddess of hope. And when we are talking about gods and goddesses, things can be a little bit magical, full of wonders and unusual things, but let’s start from the beginning.Young, Andre believes that he is on his way to find the real trace that will help him discover the inheritance of the goddess Elpis. As we mentioned above, Elpis is the goddess of the hope and she has hidden few masks. If someone finds those masks, he will be blessed with happiness for the rest of his life. The one that will find the masks will be also eternally rich and protected from the evil forces. Well, this is something really big, right?Let’s find out something more about the Goddess of hope and all those things that go together with her. This will be something very interesting, that is for sure, so let’s start.

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