Big Opening Night

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The work of great chefs is usually intense because they are the ones that build the reputation of the place where they work. Their main responsibility is to take care that everything is on a high level. That includes the quality of the prepared food, its appearance, the delivery time, and other similar things.That way they will make sure that the customer will visit that place once again, or many times again.Chef Raymond and his sous-chef Jane have a tough night before them. They are expecting the opening of the new restaurant they have been working on and the opening will be tonight. And since it is the first day of work at this restaurant, Raymond and Jane have to ensure that everything is in top order and that food is prepared with great care. That will be their everyday duty but tonight they will have to impress all the people that will be there for the occasion. That way they will attract them to visit the place again. Help the chefs achieve perfection for tonight\'s big opening and make sure that everything goes as planned.

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