Office Assistant

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Have you ever imagined what characteristics one person must posses to work as an office assistant ? You need to be well-organized, think intelligently and swiftly, be kind and always be in a good mood. All those papers around, all that data the assistant has created, all of that needs to be systematically put to order.Have you not underestimated this profession? It is a prejudice if you think that these people are there just to make coffee. Jessica is the new office assistant and instantly she was given a big task. Her company has appointed an important meeting with the rivaling company. They want to make an agreement for collaboration.Jessica\'s obligation is to prepare the field, the place where the meeting is going to take place and to find the needed documentation for it. She doesn\'t want to disappoint her director and she wants to leave a good impression on him. You would do anything to help her stay longer in the company, wouldn\'t you?

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