The False King

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It may seem that those happenings are just part of the fiction but those things really existed. Maybe they are not useful for the ‘creators of the history\' but many times the truth is not the most favorite answer for some situations.The knight Marilyn all of a sudden finds out that her king has been kept in captivity. Almost no one could realize that because there is a man set on his place, a man that looks incredibly similar as the king – his double. This is a huge secret and it will be even life-threating if someone finds out the truth. That\'s why Marylyn feels terrified by this discovery and he realizes very soon that her life is in danger. However, even though she feels the threat, the young and brave knight feels responsibility that she should not stay like that but she has to do something about the whole situation.Marilyn has decided on her own that she has to find evidences about this conspiracy. She will look for the evidences that will help find out the truth and after she finds what she needs, she will manage to bring back the real king where he belongs – on the throne.

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