Flowers after Rain

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Singing in the rain, dancing in the rain... a lot of people love to go out on the street and dance the dance right after rain is falling. It smells differently, it looks clearly and it simply feels good. Some people love to walk on the wet streets, love to walk during the rain. That goes usually for romantic people, they don\'t mind the wind, the rain, the snow, the sun, the only thing they actually mind is love and love itself.Such person we find in today game. We talk about a girl that loves nature. Loves walking and dancing, loves having fun and enjoy her time. She reads a lot of books and such that are romantic, full of interesting story about happy and sad love.Grace is a very romantic person who lives in a small very nice mountain village. She dreams of becoming a writer of romantic novels and each occasion shе uses to walk through the village to get inspired for her book. Grace enjoys the most during her promenades after rain because the flowers that are situated in the nearby environment of the village, spread tremendous aroma at that moment.

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