Guess the Murderer

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One needs to be a very intelligent person to decide to deal with criminals, to fight with evil and to look for the justice there where it is gone. And only the best and most dedicated people in this field are best in solving the most complicated cases. And the best inspectors and detectives are those who know how to solve a riddle, a difficult case, to dedicate themselves completely and dedicate the most time needed to solve the riddle and the case. The pleasure of solving a difficult case probably only a detective can feel.Detective William is once again on the field. He has a new case and he has to find the killer of the writer Donald. William is very good in the solving of riddles and by far in his carrier he has solved all the complicated cases. Let\'s help him find the killer. Can you imagine what kind of personality one has to be to want to kill a writer? Why would someone do that?Because he is his reader and doesn\'t like the way the book\'s been written? Just joking. However, we are sure you would love to help this tremendous detective.

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