Kings Prize

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As you may guess, every king has a lot of valuable things and objects in his kingdom. Usually those objects are kept good by the guardians of the castle but sometimes even the king can be clumsy and able to lose some of his personal belongings.Our King Charles has lost his precious personal belongings. Now he, together with his daughter - the princess Emily, starts looking for the lost objects. Where could those objects be? They should search very carefully and try to explore every corner of the kingdom. It seems that this search will take a lot of time, so the king likes to motivate his daughter for the search by promising her a certain prize if they manage to find all of his precious objects. This promise really motivates Emily, so she will do her best to find her father’s belongings.Also, she likes to make sure that her father has everything that belongs to him, excluding the possibility that someone could get to those objects and steal them. Let’s take a look around the place, together with the king and his daughter, and try to find the precious objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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