Dark Corners

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We all know that there are people who believe in paranormal things, but many people don’t, having in mind that paranormal things are not easy to be proven. We are all aware of the reality that surrounds us, but when it comes to the paranormal world, the stories and the urban legends are usually the only source of information. Still, there are people are really into paranormal things and they claim that those things really exist…Nicole and Benjamin come in the house of their late grandfather. The two of them have been always interested about paranormal things. Therefore, their belief that the spirit of the late grandfather still lives in his house, comes consequently, that is for sure. And if we consider the fact that the house is so dark and abandoned, we may believe that it is a perfect place for ghosts.Now, we can take a look of this old house and check out if there is really a ghost or the grandchildren are wrong in this case. Explore the dark corners and find out what is hiding there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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