Circus Treasure

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We have heard numerous stories and legends about hidden treasures, but most of them remain to be just stories, without any particular proof that they are true. And in this list of legends, there is also a legend about precious objects hidden all around the circus…According to this legend, many years ago the famous magician Robert hid a real treasure around the circus where he was working and no one managed to find this treasure so far.The famous magician Robert works in the same circus where Michael worked. He, together with his assistant Patricia, comes into the circus late at night. They are here intending to find the hidden treasure from the circus and solve the mystery about it once for all. They are prepared to search the whole place and see if they could found the treasure.Now you realize that we are in the middle of a real treasure hunt. Let’s search around the circus together with Robert and his assistant Patricia and finally put an end to those rumors about the precious objects, in one way or another.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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