Risky Journey

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Taking risks is very important thing because that way you make your spirit richer since you\'ve done something you wanted, something that that challenged you. You become more prepared for taking future challenges and you know that you\'ve tried everything you could. But, taking risks is always a risk.Sometimes it is completely foolish to ignore all the signs around you, that are telling you to stay away from that option, just like Charles and his father. Meet those two admirers of mountaineering – Charles and his father Donald.They have chosen the mountain Cornola as their new destination for conquering. This is their first visit to this mountain so they are really excited about it. But, it seems that their excitement was bigger than their averseness because they didn\'t expect this mountain to be that dangerous. Their journey turned into a very dangerous adventure when they figure out that they are lost and they don\'t have a clue how could they come back home. Maybe you could help them escape a bigger trouble by finding the right way, the way out of this mountain and this risky situation.

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