Hidden Cards

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Gloria is a detective who has successfully solved many cases. This time, she is working on the case of fraudsters in one of the city\'s casinos. Namely, a group of fraudsters skillfully do tricks with their cards, to deceive other players in the casino. They are true professionals so people who do not go to the casino often and are just amateurs, fall for these tricks very easily, and criminals manage to embezzle a lot of money. However, the owners of the casino noticed that something was wrong there, so they called the police. Gloria hopes that she will be able to find the cards of the fraudsters and thereby provide solid evidence for their apprehension. Let\'s become a part of this investigation and solve this case together. We will learn new things about detective work, gather evidence and hopefully catch the criminal group behind this whole case. Maybe gambling in casinos is not the most moral thing according to some people, but even there some rules must be respected.

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