Windmill Tales

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Jacob is an old resident of Windmill village. He lives here for years and that\'s why he has many stories related to the windmills. Most of these stories are very interesting, but the most interesting is the story with riddles. What is so interesting about this old story and legend is that, in addition to the riddles, it tells us about the hidden wealth that can be found somewhere around the windmill. Such wealth does not come so easily and only the one who solves all the puzzles can find it. And you can assume that these puzzles are not so easy since no one has been able to find the treasure, and people even wonder if it is a true story or just a legend that people have been telling for years. However, we cannot always know whether the stories are true or not. Together with Jacob, we can enter into an interesting adventure and try to solve all the puzzles related to the telling. That\'s the only way we could be sure whether the wealth is real or not. Our search can begin.

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