Real Life Adventure

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Most of us say that they are tired from all the rush and the city noise but let\'s face it – most of us feel more secured when we are exactly in the range of that urban living. Our life has made us addicted to that living and sometimes it is even harder for us to deal with the challenges of the nature, for example, like being alone in the mountain, spending some time in a village.Frances always wanted to spend some time alone in the nature and these days she has finally took a courage to do that. For the first time in her life, Frances went alone on a weekend in one mountain house, isolated deep in the woods.She likes to experience how is it to live far away from the technology and the city rush but we have to admit that she has been more skilled for ‘survival\' in that surroundings, at least until now.To make her stay in the mountain easier, let\'s help her face all the challenges that will come in front of her there. Maybe it won\'t be that simple, but it would definitely be very interesting.

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