Treasure of Ramses

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Egypt and it\'s mythology is inspiring even after so many centuries. The well crafted Egyptians have done so many things, invented so much and given to the world that there is not enough thank you to be said to them. Even today the science can\'t answer some questions how those pyramids were even built. It is believed that even the contemporary technology can\'t rebuild those monumental buildings.The rich Egyptian state is a target of people who want to become richer. When people believe that some wealth should belong to them, they tend to get it, though sometimes on the bad way, by stilling it.For archelogists it is a prestige to find what\'s undiscovered in Egypt and it\'s environment. Such a lady we have in today game. We are not sure what she wants to do with the treasure, but let\'s help her anyway.Pamela arrives in Egypt, wanting to find the lost treasure of pharaoh Ramses. Her pursuit may begin.

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