Master Plan

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Something that happen has definitely shaken the whole city. Everybody notices that it is about a great master plan that has helped the robbers make the biggest robbery that has ever happen in this place. That means that behind this huge criminal act stands someone very smart or at least someone that was prepared to dedicate a lot of hours on thinking how to perform the act on a perfect way. You are probably wondering what actually happened there. Well, it\'s about 100 works of art, stolen paintings from the art museum that have priceless value.That means that we are talking about real masterpieces, something like the famous Mona Lisa or Van Gogh\'s Sunflowers. And no one predicted that something like this was cooking?! Yes, and that means that the criminals had a real master plan!Andrew and Carol are two detectives who arrive in the city, together with their team. They settle in the old part of the city because it is supposed that the criminals who are responsible for the grand robbery are hiding there. The team will try to find out who has made the biggest robbery and put him where he belongs – behind the bars.

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