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For a long time we haven\'t given you the challenge to play the games with guessing the answer. This is one of the games with question and given three answers that have to be answered correctly. And today game is connected to the movie art. We have prepared gallery from the leading actors and actresses in famous movies.Each scene is part of some famous movie and at the end of the scene, you will receive a question of the kind - what is the leading actor\'s name in the mentioned movie. If you offer the right answer, you will go on, if not, in the spirit of the Latin proverb Repetitio est mater studiorum (Repetition is the mother of learning), you will have to replay the level.But, don\'t worry, if you have forgotten some of the artists we are going to propose to you. By going back to the same level, you might think of some other movie you have seen with the same artist. Let\'s check out your movie history knowledge. That is an interesting provocation, we believe so. It is very rarely that someone doesn\'t want to enjoy the film art and discuss about his/her favorite actors.

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