Queen of the Dark Sea

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Who says that there is such a thing like men\'s and women\'s work? Even if someone still believes in that, that doesn\'t count for the iron lady that we will meet in this game. You are probably wondering what this lady does for living? Well she is not a teacher, she is not a hairstylist, she is not a nurse, but a pirate!And not any kind of a pirate, Olivia is the so-called queen of the pirates of the Dark sea. She is actually the bravest and the smartest pirate from all pirates and that\'s why she has been chosen by them to be the leader of the pirates and she does that rather good.The part of the sea where Olivia rules is actually the most dangerous part for sailing and that\'s why this place is called Dark sea. Many boats lose their trace there and it is the same situation today. Olivia has captured a boat full of valuable things and a great treasure. Since we are here, we could check out what is hiding in this boat and explore if there are really such valuable objects there. it would be nice to learn something from the real pirates.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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