Adventure Moments

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Even Matilda can\'t say for sure what does she like more, climbing mountains or taking photos. We may say that she is a really passionate photograph but when she has a task to take pictures somewhere in nature, her joy can\'t be measured with nothing because the nature is something that Matilda appreciates most.Today Matilda arrived at the mountain Rapenwin. On her great pleasure, Matilda finds out wonderful places here, but also there is something that excites her most. She could not believe to her own eyes when she noticed an unusual passage. It is about a secret path that leads somewhere.You may guess that Matilda is so willing to find out where is this path leading and to take pictures of every new landscape she will meet on her way. However, since this is a secret path, this path can\'t be walked by everyone. If Matilda likes to get to the end of this path, she will have to solve all the riddles that were given by some mountain climber. See if you can solve those riddles and enjoy the walk together with Matilda.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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