Special Dinner

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Thanksgiving dinner is a special occasion when people gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving Eve. And usually, on this day, we have our family gathered together, celebrating this special day, trying to make up for everything they didn\'t have a chance to exchange during the last year. Cooking for loved ones is a very special feeling, everyone will agree. As famous cookers say, the secret ingredient of every special meal is love, then imagine how much love is given when preparing a meal for our friends and close relatives. Judy and Logan are the hosts of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Judy is known as a very good cook, but this time she likes to prepare something really special for the special occasion. They will invite close people to this dinner, people they love, which means that she likes everything to be just perfect. But to make something that good, Judy will need some help. Let\'s see what is going on in Judy and Logan\'s kitchen and make sure everything goes just fine for the special thanksgiving dinner.

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