Gallery of Mysteries

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Donna is the owner of one of the most famous galleries in the city. In this gallery, there is always a good exhibition, which means that works of art that are worth a lot are exhibited here very often. On the other hand, such works are often the target of thieves and criminals who want to make easy money by stealing or forging such works. In Donna\'s gallery, there has not been any theft or anything like that, but Donna suspects that someone is planning to do a big robbery in the gallery. She has noticed some things that make her believe that something unwanted will happen in this place. Donna doesn\'t want to leave anything to chance, so she calls Detective Paul to investigate with him if there is any basis for such suspicions. With it, the case will be easier to shed light on. Let\'s try together to track down those who want to rob Donna\'s gallery. It is certain that if there are such, they will carefully plan each of their actions, but let us try to stand in their way from the beginning

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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