Illegal Trade

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Ilegal actions happen everywhere. The criminals choose a place that will serve them most, that is quiet and not that busy. Sometimes they look for a place that is completely opposite to the previous description. Choose public places to make their illegal trade, because they believe that that way they will be less obvious in their actions because no one believes that someone can make criminal actions on that kind of a place, right? Detective Gloria works on a case of illegal trade. This time, her job has taken detective Gloria in one small, almost abandoned, marine in the city where she lives. The detective is here with a task to find pieces of evidence for illegal trade that happens in this marine. She will have to look around very carefully, to search the place in detail and try to find something that will help her in the case. Let\'s search the whole place together and see what is hiding in this marine. Is true the suspicion that this marine is a place where illegal trade happens? We are about to find out very soon.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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