Garden of Roses

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If you want to do a good think to the world, raise a flower. That living being that beautifies our environment needs our love as much as we can give it. They need enough water, depending on the kind of the flower we are talking about. Almost all of them actually need the daily sunlight more than anything. Positioning them at the right place and time, means you are giving them love.For those people who don\'t care for nature and plants, this might be funny, but if you think deeper, it is not. As the humankind needs love and endearment, animals as well to be well taken cared and fed, that\'s how plants need your attention.For millions of women roses are the favorite flower. You can find them in different colors, they say the red ones are given to the beloved ones and the white ones – to a friend. Melissa is a woman florist. She loves roses. She raises them very carefully in her garden. Because she is all alone in this business, sometimes she needs a help with the casual obligations she has with roses and our player today is her assistant.

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