Willow Land

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Are you prepared for a great adventure that includes a lot of magic and many supernatural things? Stay here and check out what will happen in the Willow Land. Bird Woman and the sorceress Margaret have arrived at the Willow Land.This seems to be a magical land, a place that differs from what we see every day. However, we are in a world of wizards and magic so everything is expected...The Bird Woman suspects that her sister is captured and kept here. She doesn’t know for sure but she has to do her best before it’s too late and something happens to her sister. The sorceress Margaret will also use all of her powers to help the Bird Woman find her sister in this strange land.As you may guess, this will be a rather complicated mission for our two heroes. That’s why the Bird Woman and the sorceress Margaret will need some help from you. See what will happen and what is expected to happen in the Willow Land and act fast and efficient. Only that way you will manage to help them finish their important mission and finally, find Bird Woman’sister.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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