Trapped in a Dream

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Perhaps you have had that feeling – you sleep and you dream something and in one moment you think that you can\'t get away from that dream. Something in the dream is simply not right but you stay in that labyrinth and you can\'t leave it, even if you try. That\'s what is happening to Amanda who is trapped in her dream. She can\'t find a way how to escape from the dream, she simply can\'t wake up from that dream that is slowly turning into a nightmare.Amanda actually dreams that she is in her house but nothing there is as it should be. It seems that everything is turned upside down. Maybe not literary, but nothing is on its place. She tries to wake up and leave this terrible nightmare but she also feels like some dark force is keeping her asleep and she can\'t get rid of it and wake up.Let\'s find a way how we could help Amanda deal with this bad dream and make sure that she won\'t have any trouble sleeping, at least this night. And just hope that those dark forces won\'t have any effect on us.

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