Residence of Regret

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Some may say that people find their peace when they pass away but on the other hand, it seems that people are not able to do that unless they’ve finished all of their unfinished businesses. And even if they are rather rare, there are people who have special powers and are able to help the souls pass on the other side.Dolores is one of those persons with that kind of powers. Dolores has dedicated her life to purify the souls of fallen victims. It is hard to be in the middle but she takes her mission really seriously. She is stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead, aided by her trusty friend and ghost, Christopher.Tonight Dolores and Christopher have a new task in front of them. The both of them enter the residence of regret where they must aid the fallen family in reaching eternal peace. Let’s see what will happen, what will they do to save the souls of the members of this family. This is something very unique so let’s learn something new, something about helping the souls that are in the middle.

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