Family Roots

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Charles\'s father was born and spent his life in one beautiful and charming village. His grandchildren, Charles\'s children, have always been interested about the past of their family and their origins, but they have never visited this village. Simply, there wasn\'t any nice opportunity for that, until now. Today, Charles has decided to take them on a trip to his father\'s village, so the children could get to know that amazing place.They have all arrived in the village and it seems that this place has a lot to offer. They have just arrived, but there are so many things that need to be seen, so they will start searching around the place right away. This trip will help them learn so many new things about their family and enjoy the wonderful natural environment that surrounds the village.This is a nice change as well, to take a closer look at Charles\'s father\'s village and see what is this place offering. Maybe we will find out some interesting facts about this family and learn something new.

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