Temple of Power

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There are always certain stories and legends related to the artifacts. Sometimes first there is the story that leads the enthusiast and the professionals to search for something more but sometimes the finding of a certain unusual objects is the contexts that initiates the story.Susan, Ashley and Paul arrive at the abandoned castle. This castle is almost completely ruined with one single purpose – to discover the rituals that had been done there many years ago. It was believed that there is certain energy that gives power to the kings who rule the kingdom. The castle was even known as the castle of power, which makes the whole story even more interesting.This story was more than a challenge for Susan, Ashley and Paul who are so willing to discover what stands behind this incredible legend. Will them manage to find what made those leaders so powerful or maybe even get from this energy that could possibly change their lives? Those ruins should give all the answers so don\'t waste their time and let\'s help those three enthusiasts reveal the truth about this castle.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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