The shortest fight

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People find different ways to earn easy money. Setting up sport matches is one way to do that. Even though sports should be fair, we are talking about measuring skills, practice and strength, it seems that for some sportists it is most important to earn money, no matter what. With an agreement with other people, they lose or win a certain match. Someone who knows that bets on the one that will surely win and earns money and so on... The sport’s spirit is ruined by the greed for easy money.But that is also a crime. The detectives Rachel and Scott are working on an interesting mission about a rigged boxing match. For a longer period of time they have been following a group that sets up boxing games and earns a lot of money for that. Last night was the shortest fight ever. It lasted for only two seconds and one of the opponents was knocked down. This made the detectives become even more concerned so they decided that they should explore the place where the boxing match took place, including the training center.

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