The Big Robbery

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The malls are places where every day gather a lot of people. Some come to buy something, some to take a lunch, some have other intentions but the number of people that visit those places is definitely huge. And those places are secured really good but still, when it comes to such a big crowd, it can be difficult to keep all the things under control.The policewoman Alice, together with her colleague Sean, have been called by the owner of the local mall about a robbery of a huge amount of money. Someone took those money, and Alice and Sean start the investigation. It will be rather difficult for them to find out who is responsible for the money because the mall is a place that gathers a lot of people but they are experienced police officers who know their job really good, so there is no doubt that they will find the robber.You could also help the police officers by searching for some clues and following the traces that will lead you to the suspects. Let’s take a look around the mall and catch the ones that are responsible of this huge robbery.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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