Windmill Village

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You may live in a place where it is usually warm, where there are no changes in temperature, where it is dry and sunny, or something quite the opposite, but you are aware that this is not the case everywhere in the world, right? For some areas, snow is an everyday occurrence, somewhere the strong sun burns constantly and does not allow us to cool down, while for some areas, strong wind is an everyday occurrence. Well, for Amy and her father Gary, strong winds are something they can\'t imagine a day without when they are in their home. Their village is known as the Windmill Village, and the wind is the reason why so many windmills have been built there. However, there is almost always wind in this place, but yesterday the wind was so strong that it managed to blow away a large part of their property. This is not a pleasant situation, and therefore everyone from the village needs to work hard, to return everything to the way it was before. Gary\'s friends are arriving today to help them clean up their property after the dangerous winds.

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