Oceanic Treasures

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Underwater research is a big challenge, considering that water is not the natural environment of humans. On the one hand, it requires an exceptional skill of keeping in the water, but also a great night of observing details because only then you can find things in the sand, sunk deep below the surface of the water.Getting around in water has never been a problem for our characters today. It is about the ship captain Joshua, his cousin Linda and her friend Paul. They arrive at the place where the sunken treasure is supposedly located, which is at a shallow depth. They are ready to explore the space and see what treasure it is. Only by research can we find out whether that treasure is located in these depths or not, and if they are there, this will be a really big discovery.Let\'s see what it\'s all about. Is the sunken treasure hidden in the depths or are we talking about stories and legends that are spread around? We are about to find out right now, so let\'s follow our characters and see what will happen.

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