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Immortality has always been a dream for humans; the desire to avoid death is universal, whether because of fear, a thirst for knowledge or simply a love of living. Immortality has long fascinated us humans, and because of that, it\'s become intertwined with most mythologies. How can one manage to live an eternal life and to never die?The humans who obtain immortality the most are practitioners of magic whether they be witches, warlocks, wizards and sorcerers. The ones to obtain immortality the most are Sorcerers who find balance between light, and dark metaphysical energy thereby infusing their souls, and bodies with neutral energy to neutralize the aging process. This is the case with Cara. She is a young sorceress who dreams of living to the ends of time. Today Cara arrives in the Wood of immortals.The Immortals gave her so many tasks to fulfill to become one of their kind. A sorceress cannot die while still holding onto the sorceress power. She has to do everything right and find all the pieces of the puzzle so she can gain this special power.

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