Dangerous Territory

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Welcome to the Wil West. Now we are far from today\'s way of life and we are riding horses in the previa. There are different rules that rule the Wild West, there are gangs and robbers that rule there and still there are certain troubles between them. The robbers like to take control over everything while the good gangs like to bring justice in the town, which means the tension between them is eternal.Barbara and her brother Donald, are leaders of one of the most famous cowboy gangs. For a certain period of time, they feel threated by the gang of robbers that rule the territory that borders with their town. This gang of robbers is rather dangerous and if they enter into their town, everything will change and they will put an end of the peaceful and calm life. Thinking about a solution, Barbara and Donald decide to enter first into the robber\'s territory. While the robbers are not there, the cowboys will try to find out a way how could they expel the robbers from there. Let\'s see what is it about and try to solve the whole situation.

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