Cold Spell

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The winter has come too early in the village where Gloria lives. No one seems prepared for the icy weather, for the incredible cold, for freezing hands and red noses. But it\'s not like that just for the people. The whole nature seems to be surprised too, but also rather scared from what is happening. The nature is not prepared for this unexpected change but it\'s weather\'s will, nothing can be changed.All the garden crops, all trees and flowers are frozen and if this cold weather lasts even longer, they will surely die out. However, it seems that it\'s not just weather\'s will but someone else\'s will. Actually the snow witch Evelyn is responsible for everything! It was her spell that made this happen.This witch seems to be so mad and so unsatisfied with everything that has decided to do something this terrible but that\'s why is here Gloria, to fix things. She is willing to break the spell, but in order to do that, she has to face the evil witch first. Let\'s help Gloria on her mission because it will be rather hard mission...

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