Path of Thieves

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Detectives have to be real professionals since they are dealing with very serious tasks. That\'s why not everyone decides to choose this profession. But besides their general professional dedication, specializing in a certain field is also very important to be a real expert. That way the detectives could know more about a certain type of a criminal; how do they think, what are they focused on; and similar things that help them solve the cases easier. The expertise and the experience are the two main factors that make someone a real professional.Steve for example is a detective who knows his job really good but he is specialized in robberies. He has been working on this type of cases for many years so even though each criminal is a different type of a person, he has still managed to find a certain pattern in their acts and that\'s how he catches them.This morning has been robbed one of the banks in the city. Steve is in this bank at the moment, starting his investigation. As always, he has an intention to get into the trace of those robbers and find out who stands behind this robbery. That means getting all the evidences that could lead him to something important and finally, to catching the one or the ones that are responsible for the robbery.

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