Cursed Gold

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Tales of death and destruction seem to follow some people. There are stories of people going in battles, people suffering and dying, lives ruined, marriages destoyed —all because of cursed fortune. Today we will embark on a journey to find the truth behind such fortune and find out if the roumors are just rumours or there is more truth to it.When we think of treasures, what comes to mind are beautiful, valuable and precious items such as gems and precious stones. What we don\'t realize is that treasures can also be cursed. Many of us dream of discovering treasure - but is it worth it when this fortune is accompanied with danger?Shirley arrives in the small town Orilon. It is believed that the gold of the Cardinal Forthwind is hidden exactly in this town. No one from the people from the city wants to talk about the cardinal\'s treasure because they all know that the gold is cursed. Shirley will be investigating the tales that lurk behind the town\'s houses and streets. Shw wants to know the truth behind the cursed gold. Let the search begin!

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