Flight of dreams

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Different people have different aspirations. Some of them wish to visit distant places, some of them wish to get to something - a bigger house, bigger car, finishing college, or realization of a certain idea. These aspirations are rather normal but there are people with different wishes..., for example, Veronica and her friend, Dorf Paul, have a rather specific aim. They are on their way to fulfill their long-standing dream - to ride with an air balloon and get to the castle of the magical objects. That castle is located high at the top of the mountain and you can get to that spot only by riding on that air balloon. This is the ride of their dreams, so let\'s help Veronica and Dorf Paul to find out as many magical objects as they can. This is their dream, but we can take part in it by helping them. Let\'s see what is it about and fly away with that air balloon high to the mountain and that special castle full of magical objects. Will those objects give them some extra powers? We are about to see very soon.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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