Treasure of the Hill House

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There are many stories about hidden treasures but most of us don\'t decide to follow those stories, looking for an \'easy\' way for becoming wealthy and rich. Maybe the pirates choose this way of life, but that is not a choice for the most of us. However, there are people that are real adventurers and like to explore new things, including mysteries. They like to see new places and find out the truth that stands behind a certain story.Diane and Adam are real adventurers. They are from those people mentioned before. One day Diane and Adam, together with their friends, decided to go on an interesting trip. They went to one abandoned house on the hill. No one lives in this house for a longer period of time, but those adrenaline addicts like to find out the truth.The stories say that there is a hidden treasure in this particular place, so the group has only one aim in front of them, to start exploring and possibly find that treasure, of course, if it really exists. Don\'t be scared to explore the house with Diane and Adam. We are sure that you are also curious to find out the truth.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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