Weak alibi

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Detective Caren arrives at the city luna park. No, she is not there to have fun but she is there to work and solve a complicated case. The luna park is a place visited by numerous children every day but this time it was a place where terrible crime happened. Namely, last night there was an attempt for a murder of the magician Mark. Mark has been badly injured, with two gunshot wounds. There is a main suspect for the case but he claims that he has a strong alibi. However, Karen doesn’t like to believe in his alibi, even though he claims the opposite. Karen is ready to prove who is responsible for Mark’s attempt for a murder. He will do her best to bring justice and put the murderer where he actually belongs. Let’s help Karen finish her job successfully, without missing something. Mark will be very happy if the authorities finish their job right and prove that the main suspect is really responsible for the attempt to a murder. The entertainment park should be a safe place once again.

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