Midnight Phantom

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Mark and Karen thought that they were living in a quiet neighborhood because everything there was just fine, until lately, when something strange started happening. Namely, there is one old, abandoned house in their neighborhood. Every night, exactly at midnight, a midnight phantom started appearing in that house. Mark and Karen, but also the other people that live on this street, are afraid to walk on the street at midnight, but also, they are concerned about what happens in their neighborhood while they are sleeping.That affects the quality of their life, so they have to do something about it, right away! Mark and Karen decided that it is time to face the phantom and finally, expel him from the neighborhood.That way they will be peaceful again, without having something the interrupts their lives and makes them scared or disturbed. Let’s see what will happen next. Will those two be able to put an end to this unusual saga that follows the street for a while? Will they walk on the street again at midnight?

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