Easter Surprise

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Spring reminds us on holidays, on Easter gatherings at home with close friends and family. It is the time when we try to spend time together, to gather around the table and in the homes so we can chat, hug, talk to each other. No matter how religious person you are, sometimes those rituals are simply needed and interesting because they make the families closer.Those ladies you want to organize Easter gatherings are excited by the chance to make everyone come around. They plan the menu and every detail possible so there would be no surprises. And because Easter is specific with all the symbols concerning the holiday, the Easter eggs, the rabbits etc.Marie makes the last preparations for the Easter holidays. She has to prepare the house for the guests she has invited concerning the holidays. Now, she needs to find all the decorating objects that she needs so she will decorate her home in the Easter spirit. It is time for you to help Marie find the decorations and make her home look festive.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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