Traveling Circus

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Animal trainer Angela and magician Brandon work in the circus for a long time. Since their job is related to a lot of traveling, they feel the circus is like their home and the people who work there, are like their closest relatives. And since they know the circus such good, they can notice when there is some change there. This time they noticed a strange behavior of the animals of their circus, happening in the late hours. It may sound strange but it seems like the animals see something that humans can\'t see and get upset because of it. Like some paranormal things are happening there, but Angela and Brandon, are not capable of doing anything because they can\'t see anything, except the strange behavior of the animals... You realize how complicated is this situation, so let\'s join the circus employees, together with Angela and Brandon, to try to find out what is happening and who is troubling the animals in their circus. The happenings can\'t be explained, but if we try harder and join our strengths, we may come up with something.

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