Rare Books

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Anna and Stephen like to read. Reading is their passion, and the number of books they have read is admiring. Besides the books they have found in the bookstores and the libraries, they also look for some rare books that people can\'t find easily. Their \"hunger\" for books also makes them travel a lot to get to those rare publishing of their favorite books. This time Anna and Stephen are in the small city named Wellpine. It is a city with one of the oldest libraries in the country. They know that this library hides a respectful number of rare books. Anna and Stephen, together with their friends, have a reading club. The list of activities provided in their reading club includes keeping records of the rare books in their country. Once they hear about some rare edition or edition that is somehow attractive to them, they hardly wait to check it out. It might be their passion, but they also take care of the country\'s book treasure, something that makes their culture richerLet\'s visit the oldest library in the city and see what it offers.

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