Hidden Eyes

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Magic, magicians, leprechauns, forest phantoms – that is what we’ll see in the following game. Be prepared for a new kind of an adventure, one of a kind! Young magician Amanda and her friend, the leprechaun Eric, arrive at the property of the forest phantom.They are here with concrete tasks, tasks that are not that easy, but they are willing to complete them. Namely, Amanda likes to find as much as possible magical objects on the property. She has information that the forest phantom keeps those objects here and finding them will help her with her magic. The leprechaun Eric on the other hand, is here for the golden coins that were once stolen from his village from the phantom.As you may realize, Amanda and Eric’s job is not easy and it is very responsible, so if you like, we can help them find whatever they need. Let’s search the property of the forest phantom and try to find all those magical objects, including the golden coins. Maybe our search won’t be that easy, but it is definitely worth trying. We can start right away!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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