Midnight Silence

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We always get chills when we hear a story of someone\'s life like the following one but no one knows how will it end up in the end of his life. Some people\'s deaths leave us with numerous questions that stay unanswered even many years after their death. That\'s when we usually hear stories about ghosts that walk among us, looking for different answers.The following ghost is definitely a friendly one. Meet Jacob who is a ghost that still lives in his big house, together with his house maid Lucia. Few years ago they lost their lives on a very suspicious way. That is the reason why the two of them are not able to leave and step on the other side, finally leaving the house, until they discover the reason for their own death.Jacob and Lucia were known as good and respectful people and their deaths shake the whole neighborhood. Because of that, their neighbors will do their best to help them leave the house, by helping them solve the situation. Let\'s help them too and find out what actually happen into that strange house.

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