Bridesmaids Quest

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Weddings are the ceremonies that no matter where you live, bring us different mood. Most of the time it can mean nervous and headaches, for some brides or their families. Believe it or not, but sometimes families even quarrel and weddings even end up to be canceled because of the exaggeration. Wanting to do every detail to its\' perfection, people sometimes overreact and loose their mind.We do weddings with the closest friends and family. We choose to share that love and \'perfect day\' with them, wanting that to be one of the most memorable day in their lives. You can guess that today we are introducing you to such good friends who are willing to help their friend to have the perfect day in her life.Amanda, Laura and Sandra are bridesmaids on their best friend Janet\'s wedding. Their task for this lovely day is to take care of the organization of the wedding so that everything would simply be perfect. They have shared the obligations and each of them knows exactly what should be done. Our player is their helper.

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