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Even science says that traveling is the best way to spend your money. Visiting different places, brings you new experiences, new challenges, you have the chance to meet people that belong to another culture, religion maybe, other mentality. And each time we return home, we simply feel richer than before.That feeling is unique. It keeps you alive and gives you energy until the next voyage. And travelling world wide sometimes can mean getting into unplanned situations, but each new experience will make you stronger and prepare you for the next voyage.The three tourists Andrew, Donna and Stephanie arrive in Europe, they decide to separate from the group of tourists and to explore the old part of this wonderful European city. They notice that this place hides a lot of interesting souvenirs and postcards that could be perfect gifts for their closest ones. Let\'s find them. Imagine you have your closest people in mind and you want to buy them something. Usually, when we see things they remind us of someone we know.

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