Forgotten Rooms

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The married couple Susan and Richard bought a house a few years ago. They chose a nice house, according to their needs, located in nice surroundings, so they really enjoy their time spent there.However, this morning, Susan and Richard all of a sudden discovered that their house hides something. It is about something really big, something that can not be overlooked that easily, but somehow they didn\'t see it... Namely, their house has few secret rooms. Susan and Richard didn\'t notice those rooms all these years, but also, it seems that the previous owners of the house didn\'t know about the rooms as well. This is very strange, so Susan and Richard are very serious and they hardly wait to find out something more about the secret rooms, what secret do they hide? Let\'s search the house together with this couple and try to find out the mystery behind the closed doors. Maybe it was just oversight made by negligence, but maybe something serious happens in that house. Let\'s face the truth and find an explanation for the forgotten rooms.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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